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About the Course

We all remember the impact of a brilliant teacher from our childhood, the power to inspire us to learn and to hold that knowledge and experience through life, yet if asked to define what made that teacher inspiring, we can never quite identify what it was they did or said or why it resonated with us as learners. To be a great teacher is an art requiring knowledge, skill, behaviours, and above all, passion. Moving education into the world of work requires an additional dimension; the ability to engage the adult learner who now has views and opinions that may influence what they choose to learn.

This highly-interactive Train the Trainer training course contains all the aspects required to become a skilled trainer. It introduces the delegates to the psychology of effective learning, techniques for superior design, and the delivery of content either face-to-face or virtually, including audience engagement through effective public speaking.

Core Objectives

By the end of this training course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of learning styles and methods
  • Develop an outline for an event containing elements to meet the learning styles
  • Utilise a range of options in reinforcing learning: group activities, questionnaires, scenarios, and case studies
  • Manage interaction from audience members, deal with disruption and handle questions
  • Present an event to an audience that includes a range of facilitation 
Training Approach

This Train the Trainer training course contains the maximum practice and participation, allowing the delegates to experience learning and practice in a safe and controlled environment. They will receive group and individual feedback on their progress from the highly experienced and skilled trainer across the event.

The Attendees

This Train the Trainer training course is aimed at those with the desire and need to develop proficiency and experience in delivering learning events across a broad remit.

Therefore, it is relevant to a wide scope of potential professionals, such as shown overleaf.

  • Training Officers and Administrators with limited delivery experience
  • Human Resources professionals looking to expand into Learning & Development
  • Health and Safety Manager required to upskill internal staff
  • Quality Managers wishing to improve engagement through impactful training
  • Sales Staff with the responsibility for customer training
  • Customer Service Staff tasked with staff and customer training
  • Consultants wishing to expand their portfolio to include training design and delivery
Daily Discussion


  • Understanding Andragogy
  • Learning Styles
  • 7 Laws of Learning: Motivation to learn
  • Resistance to Learning
  • Evaluating and Measuring Learning


  • Timelining in Design
  • Applying 70:20:10
  • Balancing Input with Participation
  • Design of Materials
  • Techniques with Visual Aids


  • Facilitating Group Discussions
  • Group Task, Activities, and Challenges
  • Designing and using Case Studies
  • Questionnaires and Quizzes
  • Roleplays and Scenarios


  • Preparing to Speak
  • Managing nerves & overcoming limiting beliefs and negative chatter
  • Using technology to present with impact
  • Projecting Confidence
  • Managing Voice Control, Pace, and Timing of Delivery


  • Recognising Group Behaviours
  • Observing and Assessing Integration
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence
  • Conducting Coaching Conversations
  • Dealing with Disagreement and Dissent
Course Enquiry
  • Durations 5 Days
  • Language English

A Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)® Pre-approved Training Course