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About the Course

What will the job market look like in the future? With the advent of new technologies, many processes traditionally performed by humans are being automated, and new roles with analytical and creative abilities are emerging.

Integrating physical and digital technologies can also lead to new activities, improving operations and business growth with greater productivity and reducing risks. And with benefits for humans, not just workers – changing the work they do and how they do it, varied, complicated and unpredictable tasks like interacting with technologies. This paradigm will require reinforcing personal skills such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, creative thinking, and teamwork, among others, to prepare current and future generations to deal with the profound changes expected from intelligent digitisation.

This Future of HR in the Digitalisation and AI training course will address all these issues, analysing basic concepts and current practical cases from the point of view of great experts on the subject. Several areas, both in the public and private sectors, such as law, health and industry, are already feeling the impacts of new technologies and will also be influenced by the advancement of AI. How to prepare? What skills should be prioritised? What areas are most affected?

Core Objectives

The delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the factors behind the changing nature of work
  • Learn which new sets of skills are required for the future workforce
  • How to develop the future competencies
  • How to manage the future work to benefit the workforce and businesses
  • Recognise strategies to ensure you will be prepared and are adaptable to the Future of Work
Training Approach

To accelerate the development of the delegates significantly, there is a lot of practical content shared, which can (and should) be put into practice in the work environment immediately. Besides the theoretical presentation, the training will be structured based on group conducting techniques, where diversified activities and resources will be applied, such as group dynamics, audiovisual resources, simulations, exercises and case studies, always aiming to maximise delegates' participation, involvement and learning.

The Future of HR in Digitalisation and AI training course is held in a face-to-face format and can be adapted according to the company's needs. Through the constant improvement of their skills, employees will be able to contribute consistently to the organisation, making the work environment even better, more human, collaborative and productive.

The Attendees

Workers of the future will need new sets of skills to compete. Recent advances in technology are changing how we live, communicate and do business, disrupting traditional industries and redefining the employee-employer relationship.

This Future of HR in the Digitalisation and AI training course delegates will learn that digital transformation in the Human Resources area is reorganising and remodelling people management functions, using technology to recreate efficient operational systems and processes, which includes replacing or not traditional techniques for all areas. Become an expert ambassador for the future of work in your organisation and build personal resilience to adapt to future changes!

Likewise, it will be valuable to the professionals but not limited to the following:

  • Senior Manager
  • HR Manager / Director
  • Director / Executive
  • Leader of Innovation
  • Organisational Change Specialist
  • Business Owner
  • Responsible for Digital Transformation
  • Learning Director
Daily Discussion

DAY ONE: Future of work drivers and scenarios

  • Work: How is it changing?
  • Trends Affecting Work: The future of work and analysis
  • Presence of technology in jobs
  • Impact of digitization on the development of competencies
  • Impact on working conditions
  • Gamification for workplace


  • Analytics and Big Data
  • Changing Engagement in the Workplace
  • Redesigning Work
  • Designing interactive intelligent systems for Learning and Teaching
  • Changing roles of Workforce and Mobility


  • Soft Skills vs Hard Skills
  • Collaboration: How to work effectively in groups?
  • Flexibility: How to adapt to the change?
  • Working under pressure
  • Effective Communication
  • Result Oriented: Achieve Goals Effectively
  • Leadership: How to motivate and engage teams?


  • Creating a New Culture
  • The Partnership Model
  • Let's build a team of high performance
  • AI Impacts on the Enterprise and the Workforce
  • Emerging Human-AI Hybrid Teams


  • Generating ideas
  • Prototyping
  • Developing products with the correct team
  • Design Thinking
  • Learning from Failures
  • Pivoting
Course Enquiry
  • Durations 5 Days
  • Language English

A Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)® Pre-approved Training Course