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About the Course

The Future of Work is not just a consequence of new technological developments. It refers to the work of the future, in all its breadth and diversity. We are facing a fundamental cultural change that also contributes to the emergence of new ways of working. It is ongoing, unstoppable and promises to transform the way we live, what we consume, how we work and even how we learn. Changes that call on everyone: employers, employees, suppliers, an entire value chain until it reaches the consumer.

In this training course, the delegates will learn about the changes in mindset and work processes needed to succeed in the digital age. Our organisations' HR processes and employees need to adapt to remain competitive. But this is not an easy task. HR Digital Transformation is about changing how people think and act by changing the workforce and how they work. This must happen at the same time that we transform HR processes to become digital and automated. The focus is on integrating digital technology to increase the efficiency of operational processes and ultimately improve the overall quality of HR services.

As technological innovation continues to accelerate, it is more evident than ever that HR's digital transformation is an ongoing process. To make sure your organisation is prepared to face disruptive forces, you have to create the perfect environment to capitalise on the power of DATA and digital technology.

Core Objectives

Upon attending this training course, the delegates will deepen their understanding of digital transformation and expand their repertoire of competencies in the area of digital HR so that you can help your organisation navigate the stages of digital transformation and benefit from new and better technologies of digital HR.

The delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Appreciate what trends are impacting the future of work
  • Learn how to prepare your workforce for the future
  • Know how to maximise disruption to move from a cost centre to a profit centre
  • Learn how to become a disruptor and take advantage of innovations
  • Understand how HR can effectively respond to the Digital Agenda
Training Approach

To accelerate the development of the delegates significantly, there is a lot of practical content shared, which can (and should) be put into practice in the work environment immediately. Besides the theoretical presentation, the training will be structured based on group conducting techniques. Diversified activities and resources will be applied, such as group dynamics, audiovisual resources, simulations, exercises and case studies, to maximise delegates' participation, involvement and learning.

The training course is held in a face-to-face format and can be adapted according to the company's needs. Through the constant improvement of their skills, employees will be able to contribute consistently to the organisation, making the work environment even better, more human, collaborative and productive.

The Attendees

If you are a leader and face the challenges of managing your team in the digital age, the time has come to rebuild the leadership model that will correctly guide your team, area and company towards success in the market. The time has come to create an effective action plan that will revolutionise your company's people management in the new era.  Acquire the skills necessary to put technology and data to your advantage. The delegates can become the right person to successfully prepare your organisation for the challenges of the future workforce and implement HR digital transformation.

Likewise, it will be valuable to the professionals but not limited to the following:

  • Senior Manager
  • HR Manager/Director
  • Director/Executive
  • Leader of Innovation
  • Organisational Change Specialist
  • Learning Director
  • Organisational Designer
  • Responsible for Digital Transformation
Daily Discussion


  • HR Digital Transformation
  • Reinventing HR
  • HR Structures
  • Challenges and work of the future
  • How to implement HR Digital Transformation?


  • Social Media Influence: Glassdoor, Linkedin,
  • Onboarding and Employee Experience
  • Integration
  • Communication & Resources
  • Employee Journey

DAY THREE: Emerging tools for digital HRM

  • People Analytics
  • Learning and Development
  • Self-service
  • Career Progression and Employee Mobility
  • Training and Gamification
  • Evolution of Leadership, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication

DAY FOUR: Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Well-being, Health, and Mindfulness
  • Performance and Competency Management
  • Alignment with Organisational Culture
  • Organizational Culture and Climate
  • Alignment with Company Goals
  • Ethics, Sustainability, and Diversity
  • Communication Channels


  • Total Rewards
  • Talent Retention
  • Vesting Stock Options and Stocks
  • Hybrid Work Model
  • How to maintain engagement and help change thinking about the home office?
  • Automation of Repetitive Tasks
  • Cost Reduction
  • E-learning
Course Enquiry
  • Durations 5 Days
  • Language English

A Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)® Pre-approved Training Course