Date Venue Fee
01 Jul - 05 Jul 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
28 Oct - 01 Nov 2024 London - UK $ 5,950 Register Now
23 Dec - 27 Dec 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
30 Dec - 03 Jan 2025 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
17 Mar - 21 Mar 2025 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
17 Mar - 21 Mar 2025 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
30 Jun - 04 Jul 2025 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
About the Course

Becoming a good speaker means developing several qualities that are not given by birth. They are obtained with will and effort, and these qualities are also related to leadership. As you know, the art of communication is the language of leadership. To achieve all these qualities, you will not only want to be good or survive when being on the stage, and mastering the art of public speaking requires something at the bottom of your soul that makes you always strive to give your best and become better. Of course, we all are human, and even when searching for excellence, we have many resistances, especially when it comes to public speaking. Why is this so? Academic studies reveal that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying. And in fact, it can make us shake our legs, tremble our voices and even forget our speech!

When it comes to public speaking, we don’t know what to do with our hands; our body shakes without control, we speak too low, and some ticks may appear. If we keep control, we may be too rigid; if we show too naturally, we may overexpose ourselves. Our body language shows everything about us. This is what happens! Our image is at risk. They will all notice if we feel insecure! Luckily, practice makes perfect, and where there is a will, there is a way. The good thing? Improving your presentation skills, gaining confidence, and overcoming fear is not the only path to success. It can be a lot of fun, self-fulfillment, and relief too.

Core Objectives

Delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance personal branding
  • Develop advanced leadership skills
  • Display personal power and confidence when public speaking
  • Learn how to generate presence and keep attention
  • Sound natural, confident and authentic
  • Overcome stage fear
  • Deal with press, audience, and difficult questions
Training Approach

This training course is driven by a blended learning approach and draws on various adult learning techniques such as action learning, experiential exercises, group discussions, video case studies, role play, and self-reflection activities. The resulting variety helps delegates stay engaged throughout the course, feel challenged and draw quick wins for their development. It also ensures delegates are exposed to ample opportunities to apply what they learn to the real-world challenges they face in the workplace.

The Attendees

This training course is indicated for managers, executives, or other professionals ready to further develop their communicative skills, improve their presentations and grow as leaders.

This training course will be valuable to professionals, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Communication Directors
  • Speakers
  • Journalists
  • Spokespeople
  • International Relation Directors
  • Ambassadors and Diplomats
  • Public People
  • Managing Directors
  • HR Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Team Leaders
  • Everyone else has to make often public presentations or deal with media
Daily Discussion


  • Self-awareness & Public Speaking
  • Map of Communications Skills
  • Map of Leadership Competencies
  • Being aware of what can go wrong
  • The Art of Influencing:
    • How to Impact?
    • How to Influence?
    • How to Persuade?
    • How to Create Awareness?


  • Narrative Techniques
    • Techniques to impact and generate presence
    • Techniques to connect and keep the audience involved
  • The Importance of Structure
    • The House of Messages
    • Keywords
    • Words to Avoid
  • Storytelling
  • Visual Thinking
  • Practice


  • Becoming Aware of our Emotional Dimension and its Impact
  • Synchronising Speech & Body
  • Expressing, Defining, and Measuring Emotions
  • Deep Understanding of Basic Emotions
    • Functions
    • Pros & Cons
    • How to deal with them?
  • Micro-expressions:
    • How to recognise them (Paul Ekman)?
    • Emotions & Personality


  • Body Language Tips for Public Speaking
    • The Importance of Silence
    • Posture and Movement
    • Facial Expression: Eyes, Smile, Eyebrows, and Head Movements
    • Hands: Coherence and Personal Branding
    • Feet: Stability or Insecurity
    • Legs: Swings and Swings
    • Knees: Authority
  • Paralanguage: Voice, Rhythm, Tone, Volume, Vocalisation, Speed, and Modulation
  • Territory: The Language of Authority
  • Proxemics: Moving in the Space
  • What to do & what to avoid?


  • Spokesperson’s Rights and Obligations
  • Dangers & Profits when dealing with the Press
    • Technics to answer complex questions
    • Technics to highlight your messages
  • The Speaker and the Audience
  • Different Scenarios: Debate, Round Table, Ted Talk, The Interview, Speaking to a Team
  • On Stage: The Hour of Truth