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About the Course

Hydrogen Sulfide (molecular formula H2S) is a highly toxic (poisonous) and explosive gas found naturally in many places like oil fields, marshy areas, garbage dumps having decaying organic matter, as well as in many industrial processes as a by-product. In small concentrations, it has a rotten egg smell and causes eye and throat irritation, but it is toxic in even small concentrations in the air and can kill humans. 

This training course will give you a basic understanding of the properties of hydrogen sulfide and how to respond if a release occurs. In addition to different types of equipment which we use to detect this gas, calibrate and maintain them in good condition. It will cover safe procedures of confined space entry and hot work requirements. The knowledge gained will help the employees stay safe in their day-to-day workplace activities and if there is an accidental release.

This Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) & Gas Testing training course will facilitate the delegates to know about the gas tester role to safely conduct gas tests for oxygen levels, flammable and toxic gases within the confined spaces or when needed to determine if an area is hazardous due to the presence of gas, provide monitoring of a site to ensure the continued safety of a workplace and determine the type of work that can take place in an area.

Core Objectives

The delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Familiarise the basic terminology related to hydrogen sulfide
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physical & chemical properties of H2S
  • Recognise potential sources of hydrogen sulfide
  • Acquainted with the different monitoring and detection equipment relevant to hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the types of respiratory protection that can be used in an H2S environment and the types that should never be used
  • Carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment before testing activities and confined space entry
  • Conduct gas testing within confined spaces safely
Training Approach

This training course will utilise various proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussion and lectures using international best practices, practical applications, exercises and case studies.

The Attendees

This training course is designed for workers who may need to monitor potentially hazardous atmospheres in the workplace, e.g., confined spaces.

Likewise, it will be valuable to the professionals but not limited to the following:

  • Welders, Painters, Helpers, and Rescue Team
  • Safety Officers, Supervisors, and Inspectors
  • All workers and professionals who must work in or around confined spaces
Daily Discussion


  • What is Hydrogen Sulfide?
  • Properties of H2S
  • Symptoms and Effects
  • Protection against H2S Hazards (SCBA)
  • Emergency Response
  • Occupational Exposure Limits (TWAs, STELs, IDLHs etc.)
  • Fire and Flammability Range


  • Determining when is gas testing required
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Hot Work Requirements
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Gas Testing Procedures
  • AGT (Authorised Gas Tester) Competence
  • Portable and Fixed Detection Equipment


  • Device Calibration and Function Test
  • Application of Portable Single and Multi-Gas Detectors
  • Gas Detector Maintenance
  • Confined Space Rescue Plan
  • Gas Testing Log Sheets