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30 Sep - 04 Oct 2024 London - UK $ 5,950 Register Now
18 Nov - 22 Nov 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 4,950 Register Now
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About the Course

Digital Transformation is no longer a technical challenge but rather an organisational, behavioural and cultural challenge that requires adaptive changes in organisational culture, agility, workflows and decision-making processes to implement digital technologies and create long-term resilience effectively. The most preferred culture that will assist digital transformation in the workplace is a culture of trust where the workers work in teams, focus on clients, are accountable, and take ownership of their jobs. These are the vital aspects of having a successful digital change.

This 5-day interactive Organisational, Behavioural, and Cultural Aspects of Digital Change  training course highlights how the majority of digital transformation programmes fail to deploy due to a lack of changes in the conventional monolithic, hierarchical workflow processes and organisational mindset and offers insights on how to transform into a more agile, multi-disciplinary, cross-functional organisational culture to enable rollout.

Nowadays, it is evident that employers and leaders must understand what the multi-generational workforce wants and needs, and they must believe in accelerating the digital journey and delivering sustainable goals effectively. Delegates of this training will learn how the increased demand for better quality services and products has made most businesses shift to the digital aspects of production to meet customer needs. This means organisations must restructure their workflow processes, business models and leadership styles to survive the digital tsunami and lead their respective domains and markets in today's highly competitive scene.

Core Objectives

The delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Realise the organisational culture change as a result of modernisation
  • Identify new opportunities and challenges from digitalisation and develop strategies to manage change effectively
  • Understand how digitalisation is transforming organisations, business models, and customer behaviour
  • Formulate and run a strategy to unlock the full value of the digital age
  • Upskill the workforce to address bottlenecks and pain points proactively
Training Approach

Delegates attending this training course will experience a combination of engaging lectures, group discussions, case studies, and hands-on exercises. It will provide insights into digitalisation's impact on organisations, people, and culture and guide delegates through practical applications relevant to their industry.

The Attendees

This training course is key to successfully executing and accelerating digital change. Thus, it is helpful for everyone in any business.

Likewise, it will be most valuable to the professionals but not limited to the following:

  • Project Leaders
  • Government and Business Leaders
  • System and Business Analysts
  • Compliance Officers
  • Researchers in the Digitalisation Arena and Digital Change
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental Regulators and Specialists
  • Professions with an interest in Psychology, Behavioural, and Cultural Workplace aspects
  • Professionals working in energy, industrial, retail, manufacturing, technology, information, procurement engineering, and training specialists
Daily Discussion


  • The “Mirror Worlds”
  • Adaptive Change Management
  • Connected Worker & Remote Operations Support
  • Successful Digital Change Integration in Leadership
  • Assessing Digital Readiness within the Organisation


  • Identifying Key Digital Change Talent and Resources
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Autonomous Operations


  • Stages of Digital Transformation Journey
  • Mindset Change
  • Workplace New Realities
  • Convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)
  • Digital Savvy Workforce
  • Design Thinking and Innovation


  • Generational Gap
  • Digital Change Communication
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Digital Experience Consensus
  • Integrated Physical-Cybersecurity


  • Organisational Learning & Development
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Successful Digital Change Examples
  • Project Selection and Development
  • Project Presentation