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About the Course

For companies to compete, they need to continually improve their performance by reducing costs, innovative products and processes, improving quality and productivity, and speeding up the launch of new products or services to the market. For this, the role of human resources is crucial, and the HR System represents an excellent opportunity for improvements in the company's performance.

To know the effectiveness of performance, companies use its measurement. An essential characteristic of an organisation is the ability to successfully apply its indicators to measure its performance, enabling more significant knowledge of its processes related to critical success points, allowing a continuous assessment of the efficiency of its operations and people.

Performance appraisal is a strategic process that can be used as a management tool, whereby performance is measured and directed towards a specific individual, group and organisational objectives. Evaluation is one of the most important acts of management. It is useless for a manager to define objectives, establish plans, and coordinate technical and human resources if there is no notion that the results correspond to, exceed or are below expectations. This Analysing Human Resource Performance & Measurement virtual training course aims to implement a performance evaluation system, from the evaluation interview to competence evaluation methods and how to analyse the impact of evaluation in the organisation.

Core Objectives

The delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Mastering the performance management cycle
  • Identify the steps to implement an evaluation system
  • Know how to conduct a performance appraisal interview
  • Determine competency assessment methods
  • Analyse the impact of the assessment on the organisation
  • Build Strategic Maps defining performance indicators
Training Approach

This training course is a mixture of lecture, video presentation, trainer-facilitated workshop exercises, and case study analysis organised through a Virtual Learning Platform anytime and anywhere.

The Attendees

Performance appraisal is an integrated Human Resources Management tool central to the organisation's human development. This virtual training course aims to implement a performance evaluation system, from the evaluation interview to competence evaluation methods and how to analyse the evaluation impact on the organisation. It will represent an increment in the value presented by the HR manager to the organisation and a way to leverage the potential of the employees.

Likewise, it will be valuable to the professionals but not limited to the following:

  • Human Resources Directors
  • Heads of Human Resources Departments
  • Labor Relations Officers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Human Resources Consultants
  • Human Resources Technicians
  • Coordinators of working groups
Daily Discussion

DAY ONE: Performance evaluation as a tool for integrated HR management

  • The organisational environment and performance evaluation
  • Promoting personal and professional growth for employees
  • The Performance Management Cycle: Planning, Communication, Monitoring, and Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation Objectives and Criteria
  • Establishment of Goals and Performance Indicators
  • Conditions of Effectiveness of Performance Assessment Systems
  • Benefits of Performance Appraisal


  • Previous Stages (function profiles, mission, vision, values, organizational chart) and Stakeholders
  • Methodologies (top-down, self-assessment, 360º, upward feedback) and Rating Scales
  • Characteristics and Types of Objectives: Corporate, Functional, and Behavioral
  • Most common errors and resistances and critical success factors
  • Individual Performance Assessment System
  • Group Performance Assessment System
  • Constitution of the Evaluators Team


  • Techniques for conducting the Performance Evaluation Interview
  • Interview Phases
  • The importance of Active Listening and Feedback
  • Flexibility and adaptation to difficult situations
  • How to create a climate of trust for the interview?
  • Management of Stress and Anxiety
  • How to conduct constructive criticism and show recognition?
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Interviews


  • Identification of relevant competencies for the organisation
  • Evaluation Methods
  • Competency gaps and elaboration of a Personal Development Plan
  • Human Resource Management through Competency Management Analysis
  • The career plan and identification of organisational needs
  • Assessing and Managing Potential
  • Projection of personnel needs: When and how to incorporate new functions or key collaborators?
  • Types of career and career evolution as a motivation factor for employees


  • Identify the KPIs involved in the Appraisal System
  • How to analyse the impact of good performance evaluation practices on HRM results?
  • How to analyse the evaluation results on employee motivation?
  • How to ensure that the assessment results are understood and have the expected results within the organization?
  • Limitations in Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Successful implementation of performance initiatives
Course Enquiry
  • Durations 5 Days
  • Language English

A Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)® Pre-approved Training Course